Three of my closest friends and I have an annual Palm Springs trip.  Every year when January rolls around the emails start flying back and forth between us, deciding on the date, organizing each’s travel plans – we all live in different locations – getting giddy about the anticipated sun time and girl time after a long, cold winter.

It happens every April…except this year.

This year there are more exciting things afoot.

This year two of my best friends are getting married!

Thats right, my circle of friends is in full on wedding mode right now and I couldn’t be happier.  Matt and I got married almost four years ago – wow, has time flown by! – but I still love everything about weddings.  I love the planning and preparation, the color coordination, favor making, flowers, oh the flowers.

But my absolute favorite part is – you probably already guessed – dessert!  Nowadays, people do so much more than just a traditional wedding cake.  Cupcakes are huge, of course, but brides are branching out even more to do things like candy bars and mini dessert bars for the reception.

But don’t forget about all of the events leading up to the wedding, like showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners.  I was blessed with the opportunity to help out with one of the showers recently.  On the dessert menu for the day were banana cupcakes from the bride’s favorite bakery and red velvet cake pops, made by your truly.

Taking a page from Bakerella, the queen of cake pops, I adapted my tried and true, absolute favorite red velvet recipe to make cake pops for the shower.  Boy are these little suckers are addictive!  Red velvet and cream cheese frosting, all rolled into a little ball, and covered in chocolate – c’mon, I dare you to resist.  They are perfect for when you just want a little bite of cake and not a whole slice.  And they are ridiculously easy to make.  Nothing helps relieve the stress from a long day at work than smooshing cake and frosting together in a bowl.

Again, I dare you to resist.

Lauren (bride-to-be), me, Elizabeth (bride-to-be), and Bri

For detailed instructions on how to make these fabulous cake pops, head on over the Bakerella’s site – the tips and knowledge she has on there is endless.